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  • Removing Moles Through Plastic Surgery

    Moles are marks on the skin that are usually harmless, but in some cases it could be unsightly or indicate a possible illness. Mole removal through plastic surgery is made available in various plastic surgery clinics across the country.


    Medical News Today shared more information about moles, and what can be done to remove them. In their article they also included some of the signs that may mean a mole has to be removed.


    “The majority of moles are harmless and require no treatment. They may be surgically removed if: (1) The mole is a suspected melanoma; (2) It is bothersome, such as if the patient finds shaving difficult, or it gets snagged in clothing. A mole may be removed in several ways: (1) Shave excision - the area around the mole is numbed, a small blade is used to cut around and under the mole. A technique commonly used for smaller moles. No sutures (stitches) are needed. (2) Excisional surgery (excision biopsy) - the mole plus a surrounding margin of healthy skin is cut out using a scalpel or a punch device. Sutures are required.”

    Read the rest of the explanation here.



    Cancerous Moles

    WebMD also has an informative article on moles. In that write-up they likewise mentioned how a person can determine whether a mole is cancerous or not.


    “First, your doctor will take a good look at the mole. If he thinks it’s not normal, he’ll either take a tissue sample or remove it completely. He might refer you to a dermatologist -- a skin specialist -- to do it. Your doctor will send the sample to a lab to be looked at more closely. This is called a biopsy. If it comes back positive, meaning it is cancerous, the entire mole and area around it need to be removed to get rid of the dangerous cells.

    Check out the rest of the write-up here.


    Natural way

    There however are literature pertaining to ways moles can be removed the non-surgical way. Livestrong.com for instance shared a list of natural ways to get rid of it.


    “The simplest way to use citrus on your skin is to apply a cut lemon to the spots you want to lighten two times a day for five minutes, then rinse. Another remedy calls for 1 tsp. orange juice, 1 tsp. lime juice and 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar. Apply for five minutes two times a day and rinse. Natural Home Remedies reports that this method also removes moles. Use it until you achieve the desired degree of lightening.”

    The rest of the home remedies can be found in the original article here.


    When unsure if a mole has to be surgically removed or not, it will still be best to seek the professional opinion of a licensed and heavily experienced plastic surgeon.


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